Students International Relation Office

The School of International Relation is a comprehensive managing department in overseas admission and education along with implementing policies concerning foreign affairs and coordinating international exchange and cooperation affairs.

The School consists of School Office, Office of Students’ Affairs and Office of Educational Administration. Its main duties include: drafting and implementing policies concerning overseas students’ affairs; handling overseas students’ admission, the approval of passports and visas as well as logistics service; authorizing overseas students’ routine management and coordinating their educational affairs; governing overseas students’ Chinese education and so on.

In 2011,  International Education Relation Signed Contract with Pakistani Company Named EaziLine Consultant for the recruitment of Students those wants to study Clinical Medicine ( MBBS )  from all over the Pakistan , Bangladesh and from other Countries Like KSA,USA etc.

EaziLine Consultants Provide 4 Consecutive foreign students batches for MBBS Program (September 2011, March 2012 , September 2012 , September 2013) with more than 150 foreign Students to School of Medicine Shihezi University.