Shihezi University, MBBS Fee 2023 for Indian Students

  • Indians Students in Shihezi University

NMC & MCI Approved, MOE China Listed University for English Medium MBBS

Shihezi University is the 2nd largest university in Xinjiang province, University Schools predecessor was Established in September 1949 on his way into the People’s Liberation Army liberation of Xinjiang, in April 1996 under the Ministry of Agriculture, Shihezi Agricultural College, Shihezi Medical College, the Corps and the Corps economic College Teachers College merged to form. Shihezi University is the national “211 Project” key construction universities and colleges and universities in western countries.

Shihezi University Medical College has always focus on building quality, high-quality curriculum, emphasis on students’ practical ability. The Shihezi University School currently has 11 majors in economics, law, education, literature, history, science, engineering, agriculture, medicine, management, and art. The school has 94 undergraduate majors, 8 first-level discipline doctoral degree authorization points, 26 first-level discipline master degree authorization points, 20 master degree authorization categories, 4 post-doctoral research mobile stations, and 2 post-doctoral research workstations.

Shihezi University in the list of Top 30 MBBS colleges in China to study medicine for Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Indian students. Shihezi University is approved & Listed by MOE China Ministry of Education China for English Taught MBBS for Foreign Students Since 2002. There is not any kind of Requirement to pass HSK-4 in First year. Shihezi University is following the Syllabus same as according to the requirements of International standards.

Internationally Recognized:

🔹Shihezi University School of Medicine is recognized by National Medical Commission of India NMC, BMDC, WHO, MOE China, WFME, WACME.
🔹Graduates of Shihezi University are eligible to apply for USMLE, PLAB, AMC & ECFMG Certifications as well.
🔹MBBS Clinical Medicine Course Duration is 06 years in which 5 years MBBS +1 year Clinical Internship.
🔹Shihezi University have highly qualified faculty for Medical subjects & appointed foreign experts for international students.
🔹International students graduated from Shihezi University and working in Reputable hospitals of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and abroad especially in Europe & middle east.
🔹More then 400 Foreign Students are Studying in Shihezi University in MBBS Program & Masters, PHD Degree in Medicine & Agriculture subjects.
🔹Shihezi University School of Medicine is MCI Listed by National Medical Commission of India (NMC) and Bangladesh Medical Council (BMDC).

Unique Features:

🔹72 years old institution with vast history of excellence.
🔹Currently 40,000+ Chinese Students are studying in different majors in Shihezi University.
🔹Ranked No.28 in the List of Top 45 MOE Listed universities of China. Medical syllabus Starts from first day.
🔹School of Medicine have 04 Directly affiliated hospitals and 30 teaching hospitals as well.
🔹Started foreign students Project of English Medium MBBS in 2002.
🔹13 batches of International Students have been graduated with Best Results in MCI, BMDC licensing exam.
🔹Following NMC approved syllabus, both at basic and clinical level, in its true letter and spirit.
🔹International books with internationally designed examination system is followed.

Peking University with SHZU:

Since 2001, Peking University has been supporting Shihezi University for a long time; in 2010, Peking University was the leader unit, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, East China University of Science and Technology, and Huazhong Agricultural University were the deputy team leaders, Chongqing University, Jiangnan University, and Foreign Economics The university team of the University of Business, Nanjing Normal University, and South China Agricultural University as the member units supported Shihezi University

The school has good teaching and scientific research conditions. The campus area is 1.794 million square meters, the school building area is 1.261 million square meters, the laboratory and internship area are 269,700 square meters, and the green coverage rate is 41%. It has a number of landmark buildings such as well-equipped libraries, gymnasiums, swimming pools, track and field stadiums, standard stadiums, halls, comprehensive teaching buildings, museums, and 4 affiliated hospitals.

School of Medicine 医学院 :

Shihezi University School of Medicine currently has Clinical medicine (MBBS), Basic medicine, Nursing department, Department of Preventive Medicine, Department of Oral Medicine, Department of Laboratory Medicine, Department of Medical Imaging, Department of Anesthesiology, Department of Pathology, 9 line; open clinical medicine, nursing science, preventive medicine, Stomatology BDS, Medical imaging, Medical laboratory technology six undergraduate majors, including clinical medicine as a national specialty.

The school of Medicine has a good teaching and research conditions. Shihezi University campus area of 1.82 million square meters, building area of 1.17 million square meters, laboratory area of 150,000 square meters, green coverage rate of 43%. Has a well-equipped library, gymnasium, swimming pool, athletics hall, standard stadiums, halls and comprehensive teaching building and a number of landmarks, has four affiliated hospitals. Schools in 2011 was named “national civilized unit.” The Shihezi school has a staff of 2550 people, 1665 people full-time teachers.

Affiliated Hospitals 附属医院 :

Shihezi University School of Medicine has four affiliated hospitals (hospitals under one, subordinate hospitals 3), a Clinical College, 22 teaching, teaching hospital, in which 11 top three hospitals, four practice base. 2012, “Education of Medical Personnel Training Mode Reform” project by the Ministry of Education for approval. “Diagnosis and treatment of common oral diseases,” the Ministry of Education approved Class A quality through Quality Education Course.

Required Documents:

  • SSC Document (Grade 10)
  • HSC/A Levels Mark sheet (Grade 10+2)
  • Passport First page in Scan
  • Medical Check up on Chinese physical form
  • Non-Criminal certificate
  • One digital photo with white background.
  • Filled application Form
  • Applicant Assessment Form.

MBBS English Medium Fee Structure of Shihezi University Fall 2023-2024 (For Indians)

Student must have 75% marks in English & PCB (Physics, Chemistry, Biology) & Neet qualified. Student must be healthy, fluent in English & student must be under the age of 24 years to apply for MBBS program in Shihezi University School of Medicine. 

🔹Application Fee + Registration Fee = 2000 RMB or $300
🔹After issuance of Pre-Admission Letter student will pay the Admission & Management Charges of 13,500 RMB to admission office.

Note: Because of COVID-19 Pandemic, We haven’t added hostel fee, Residence permit, Medical checkup charges in First year fee package. Students will pay all these charges on arrival (if needed) according to actual price depending upon duration & cost.


First Year

1st Semester

2nd Semester

Tuition Fee

15,000 RMB

15,000 RMB

Management & Admission Charges, Office Service Fee,

Visa Letter/JW202 & Embassy case presentation etc.

13,500 RMB


Payable in (RMB)

28,500 RMB

15,000 RMB

Total in U$D (Approx.)

4400 U$D

2300 U$D

From 2nd to 6th Per Year : 35,000 RMB (5300 U$D)

Tuition Fee

30,000 RMB

Hostel Fee

5,000 RMB

Special Notes:

  • Fee once paid will not be refunded. Student will pay the tuition Fee in Chinese Yuan only.
  • Our official Agency EaziLine International will help the students to provide airport pick up from Urumqi airport.
  • Food, Air Ticket, Electricity & other miscellaneous expenses are not included in the fee package.
  • Indian Students will follow the rules and regulations of National Medical Council of India (NMC).

Dormitory Facilities 宿舍设施 :

There is public Kitchen in the dormitory where students can cook for for themselves also there are many Indian/Muslim Canteens inside the university. Students needs to make a canteen Card which is very easy to get from University. Rooms are spacious and beautiful. AC is supplied in every room students have to pay for electricity units, it will be utilizing. Every room is equipped for 2 students with attached bath. Hot water is available , Drinking water (Mineral Water ) is also available in just 7 RMB per 16 Litter bottle. There are 2 beds with bedding, pillow, quilt, 2 study tables with chairs, wardrobe etc. Student must use his use electricity card for using Electricity.

Please remember that hostel rooms availability is dependent upon merit and one has to choose his or her room-mate before hand. Once allotted, it will be very difficult to change the room and hence the room-mate before the end of the first year. Boys and girls will be living in the same building but separate floors. No boys are allowed to take girls entrances and visit their dormitories and vice versa without the Permission of girls will. University authorities take the matter of girls safety very seriously. Every where in International building there is CCTV cameras installed to observe the Students activities. Failure to comply with the rules of the hostel will lead to deportation and expulsion.

Shihezi 石河子市 Garden City:

Shihezi is a sub-prefecture-level city, Muslim Inhabited area of China. It is located in the north of the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region and to the west of Urumqi, the capital city of Xinjiang. The city is located in a temperate zone with a dry continental climate, high temperatures of 35.8°C in the summer and lows of –20.8°C in the winter.

Tourists are enticed by Shihezi’s beautiful scenery and cultural relics such as Tianshan Mountain, the Nanshan scenic area, Kwan-yin Channel, North Lake Park, Desert Park of Camel-bell, Bayinshan Village, West-flavor Fazenda, the Army-Reclamation Museum, Monument to Premier Zhou Enlai and Sculpture of General Wang Zhen, etc. The city is also famous for its typical Xinjiang snacks such as Dapanjie, rice with mutton, Nang (Pancake), Lamb, Grilled Mutton Cluster, Roasted Whole Lamb, and Fried Dough Twist, etc.

Welcome to the Beautiful Garden City of Shihezi !