Affiliated hospitals

The College has four affiliated hospitals (hospitals under one, subordinate hospitals 3), a Clinical College, 22 teaching, teaching hospital, in which 11 top three hospitals, four practice base. 2012, “Education of Medical Personnel Training Mode Reform” project by the Ministry of Education for approval.

College has always focus on building quality, high-quality curriculum, emphasis on students’ practical ability. “Diagnosis and treatment of common oral diseases,” the Ministry of Education approved Class A quality through Quality Education Course.

Shihezi University School of Medicine (Headquarters and First Affiliated Hospital) The existing part-time teachers 367 people, including “outstanding scientific and technological workers” and “Top Ten Award nominations for outstanding scientific and technological workers,” one person, the Ministry of Personnel, Ministry of Agriculture, The Ministry of Health awarded 11 outstanding contributions of experts who selected the first batch of “thousands of plans,” Xinjiang Project 3, Changjiang Scholar 1, 2 oasis scholar. Enjoy special government allowances of experts 34; 56 professors, associate professors and 124 lecturers, 198; Dr. 61 people, 82 PhD, master 196; master’s degree teachers accounted for 62%, a reasonable age structure, accounting for 83 young teachers %, 35 years of age accounted for 43% of young teachers; 4 doctoral tutor, tutor of master 316 people, part-time doctoral tutor 15 people. The school has 7269 students in the school at all levels, including undergraduate students 33 1 5, 8 graduate 82 people, students 2 85 people for adult 2670 people, vocational 117 people.