Shihezi University School of Medicine

Renamed History of Shihezi University School of Medicine:

Here is the detailed renamed history of Shihezi University School of Medicine from 1949 to Present.

1949.09.25 The first corps health school
1950.01.01 Xinjiang Military Health School
1954.03.10 The Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps Health School
1959.03.12 The Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps Medical College
1966.02.02 Medical Corps
1978.09.01 Shihezi Medical
1996.09.01 Shihezi University School of Medicine

Shihezi University School of Medicine:

In particular in 2004, 2008, 2012, the school has been designated as the Ministry of Education and the Corps to build universities, national “211 Project” universities, “the central financial support to enhance the overall strength of the Midwest Universities Project” universities. 6 six years, Shihezi University School of Medicine seize the opportunity to take full advantage of comprehensive university, increasing the level of discipline construction, teaching and research conditions improved, the social reputation significantly.

The school has good teaching and scientific research conditions. The campus area is 1.794 million square meters, the school building area is 1.261 million square meters, the laboratory and internship area are 269,700 square meters, and the green coverage rate is 41%. It has a number of landmark buildings such as well-equipped libraries, gymnasiums, swimming pools, track and field stadiums, standard stadiums, halls, comprehensive teaching buildings, museums, and 4 affiliated hospitals.

MBBS Degree:

The School of Medicine teaches all the international students MBBS degree course (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery) which abides by the instructions of medical knowledge and morals, inheriting the tradition in the medical field and encouraging becoming a better doctor. University pays more attention to education quality and safety of the international students. It also guarantees the best living conditions and sticks to the student-oriented teaching principle following their country’s syllabus. Thanks to great efforts of the teaching staff and the doctors, a great number of top talents have been emerging from the University who have made better prospects in the medical profession.


Shihezi University School of Medicine currently has Clinical medicine (MBBS) , Basic medicine, Nursing department, Department of Preventive Medicine, Department of Oral Medicine, Department of Laboratory Medicine, Department of Medical Imaging, Department of Anesthesiology, Department of Pathology, 9 line; open clinical medicine, nursing science, preventive medicine, Stomatology, Medical imaging, Medical laboratory technology six undergraduate majors, including clinical medicine as a national specialty.

Basic Medical Sciences
Department of Nursing
Department of Preventive Medicine
Institute for Medical Humanities
Department of Pathology
 Department of Clinical Medicine
Department of Medical Imaging
Department of Oral Medicine
Department of Laboratory Medicine
Department of Anesthesiology

Affiliated Hospitals:

The Shihezi Medical University has four affiliated hospitals (hospitals under one, subordinate hospitals 3), a Clinical College, 22 teaching, teaching hospital, in which 11 top three hospitals, four practice base. 2012, “Education of Medical Personnel Training Mode Reform” project by the Ministry of Education for approval. College has always focus on building quality, high-quality curriculum, emphasis on students’ practical ability. “Diagnosis and treatment of common oral diseases,” the Ministry of Education approved Class A quality through Quality Education Course. “Xinjiang Endemic and Ethnic Infectious Diseases” by the Ministry of Education, “2014 annual Toys video open class,” the first round of review.

Eligible fourteenth session of the National Micro-class multimedia courseware competition second prize, third prize two, an Excellence Award, won the Eighteenth National Education Information Technology prize four Grand Prix, was fourth Session Medicine (medical) Youth colleges teaching basic skills competition three prize 1. 2014 approved a university teaching teacher. 2013 approved a university-level courses, one course two, three second-class course. 2014 won six Shihezi University Teaching Achievement Award, granted 13 university-level educational reform issues. Approved in 2014 the National College Students Innovation and Entrepreneurship Training Program 5, 2014 Undergraduate Research Training Program 20.

Exchange and Cooperation:

Shihezi University School of Medicine carried out extensive exchanges and cooperation, met with Peking University, Tongji Medical College, Wuhan University School of Medicine, Zhejiang University School of Medicine, and other well-known in medical school established inter-school exchanges and cooperative relations with the United States John Laboratory of Molecular Medicine Johns Hopkins University and the University of Alabama and other universities to establish a long-term cooperative relationship. In June 2014, held the second “Western China Biomedical International Forum”, there have been Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, National Center for Human Genome Research North (CHGB), AYUB Pakistan University of Medicine, Department of Medicine, Kyoto University, Oregon Health Science and Technology University of domestic and foreign medical institutions, Cancer Council Australia and more than 230 experts and scholars have come to college visits, visits, academic and research cooperation.2014 “Xinjiang Endemic and Ethnic Diseases Prevention International Science and Technology Cooperation Base” national demonstration approved an International Science and Technology Cooperation Base.